OUR story

T.S. Eliot wrote about so many cats . . .
I’m surprised that he omitted to mention a very special type, designer cats - The Katsicats.  
Fiercely independent, they design on everything – just because. There are secretly many of us.  You know if you are one.
We are Katsicats.

choosing our canvas

Katsicats paint on everything – the world is our canvas.  For this first Voyage, we have used Converse and Vans as our canvas – because we love them.

Nothing pleases us more than purchasing a new pair of these shoes and transforming them into a celebration of design . . .
  . . . then we go dancing.

   By our nature, this is what we do.   We are Katsicats.

archiving photos

There can be only one – Your Art - Kasicats
 Selling at Sothebys . . . or a private auction in London?  There can be only one – Katsicats.      
      Your commissioned work will be only one of 20 limited expressions of the Katsicat’s design painted by the artist - each numbered and signed.    We photograph and archive copies of your art so we may verify authenticity, per your request.
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